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Fieldfare Trust

Publication date: first published 2001 and updated 2013
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Fieldfare, under the guidance of the National Advisory Group, which includes organisations representing people with disabilities, countryside service providers, national agencies and countryside user groups and users, researched and developed Physical Accessibility Standards that meet the needs of users and provide a national standard for service providers.

These standards were published, along with information on networking, transport, information and interpretation etc, as part of the BT Countryside for All Good Practice Guide. Fieldfare continues to undertake research and development of new guidelines for countryside service providers.

The guidance is available on line or as a CD.

How to view a copy
Follow this link to the Fieldfare Trust website

To obtain a copy in an alterntive format or language
Write to:
Volunteer House
69 Crossgate
KY15 5AS

Telephone: 01788 536653
General email enquiries:

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