HAPPI Housing our ageing population: Panel for innovation

Dept of Communities and Local Government/Dept of Health/Homes and Communities Agency

Publication date: 2009

Ranking: useful

Report describes Panel’s findings on question: “What further reform is needed to ensure that new build specialised housing meets the needs and aspirations of the older people of the future?” It highlights:
– key design recommendations
– offers case studies to guide and inspire innovation
– proposes further work to make the panel’s vision a reality
– links to parallel studies that emphasise the role of place-making in enhancing quality of life
– forms the basis of advice to Ministers

 How to view a copy

Follow this link to the Homes and Communities Agency website

 How to obtain a copy in an alternative format or language

Write to:
Homes and Communities Agency
Maple House
149 Tottenham Court Road

Telephone: 0300 1234 500
Email: mail@homesandcommunities.co.uk


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