Technical Standards for Places of Entertainment – Yellow Guide 2015 (revised 2018)

Association of British Theatre Technicians (ABBT)

Buxton Opera House interior

Image courtesy of VisitBuxton

Publication date: 2015 (revised 2018)
Ranking: essential

These are the updated Technical Standards which aim to provide simple guidance in an easy format.

They set out the physical standards for buildings, their equipment and the good management of the premises. They aim to to provide for the safety of the performers, staff and the public in premises used for entertainment.

Its intention is to help licensees, technical managers and enforcers to understand the requirements and needs of places of entertainment and although primarily intended to apply to indoor venues, much of the advice will also apply to outdoor events, as all locations used for entertainment can present special hazards.

How to view a copy
Follow this link to the ABBT website 

To obtain a copy in an alternative format or language
Write to:
Association of British Theatre Technicians
55 Farringdon Road

Telephone: 020 7242 9200


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