Designing for Diversity – making design about the individual

North Somerset Council

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This document provides the background to the aims and objectives of this web-based design resource. Feedback from users of buildings or transport often highlights instances of poor design. Rather than yet again repeating prescriptive standards, it goes back a stage and seeks to look at the fundamental issue of how people design and what tools they need to do it.

It sets out how:consultationco-design3

  1. Designers should approach the idea of inclusive design,
  2. To take account of a diverse range of needs,
  3. To encourage dialogue with a building’s likely users and
  4. Stresses the need to be well trained in the relevant issues with
  5. Support from specialist advisers.

With this approach designers are asked to then search this site and download the guidance that is most appropriate.

How to obtain  a copy
Follow this link to download a copy, DESIGNING FOR DIVERSITY 2013

To obtain a copy in an alternative format or language
Write to:
Equality and Diversity Team
North Somerset Council
Town Hall
Grove Road
Weston-super-Mare BS23 1UJ

Telephone: 01934 634989

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