Case study 1: Knightstone Housing Association offices

North Somerset Council Equality and Diversity Team

Accessible offices

Publication date: 2014

The case studies aim to show inclusive design in practice
All the case studies can be found in our case study index post.

Image of staff at Knightstone HA, Weston-super-Mare

Knightstone HA

Scheme 1 Knightstone Housing Association – an inclusive workspace

“We wanted to create an inclusive environment, where our staff could work collaboratively, creatively and productively and where customers and other visitors would feel welcome and at home.

Making sure the office was accessible for staff and visitors with disabilities was a big part of this but not the only consideration. For example, we also wanted to meet the needs of people with a variety of cultural and religious beliefs, people with young children, breast-feeding women and to provide good facilities for staff who cycle to work.”

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Knightstone HA CS1


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