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North Somerset Equality and Diversity Team

Publication date: 2014
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Here are both buildings and spaces that show how good inclusive design can be achieved in practice.

Proposed Dolphin Square Weston-super-mare

Design image for new Dolphin Square,
(Image: McLaren Properties)

The cases are not all brand new buildings and some include various compromises to demonstrate how the more difficult issues can be tackled. They show that every scheme, every good idea can embrace inclusive design principles in the way they are managed and designed on a daily basis.

  •  Knightstone HA CS1 – an inclusive workspace
    “We wanted to create an inclusive environment, where our staff could work collaboratively, creatively and productively and where customers and other visitors would feel welcome and at home.”
  • North Somerset Town Hall CS2 – access to a listed building entrance
    “Consultation with local stakeholders and in this particular case, specifically local disabled people, underlined the need to ensure everyone should have the experience of using the main entrance. The use of a “second” entrance would not be acceptable in that the building’s focus is on the main portico entrance.”
  • Attitude is Everything CS3 access to live music events
    Read about examples of where the charity “Attitude is Everything” have worked to bring about good standards of access for disabled people. Examples include listed buildings, parks and music venues.
  • Deck access, balconies and bungalows CS4 – housing designs for older people
    Examples in housing design for older people set against the background of the Housing our Ageing Population: Plan for Implementation (HAPPI) design awards.
  • A Fresh approach CS5 – consultative approach to hospice design
    Design of a sustainable hospice involving consultation with staff and patients.
  • Good signs CS6 – car park signs for people with dementia
    A simple wayfinding solution so no-one loses their car.
  • Deaf cafe CS7: Choosing a place to meet 
    Conversations about “work” happen everywhere all day, all the time which makes this case study about meeting up relevant to us all.
  • DWELL on co-design CS8
    Example of a participatory co-design research with local residents from neighbourhoods in Sheffield.

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