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Building child-friendly cities: A framework for action

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This document provides a framework for defining and developing a Child Friendly City. It identifies the steps to build a local system of governance committed to fulfilling children’s rights. The framework translates the process needed to
implement the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child by national governments into a local government process.

The concept of Child Friendly Cities is equally applicable to governance of all communities which include children – large and small, urban and rural. The framework is intended to provide a foundation for adaptation to suit all localities.

How to view a copy
A copy can be downloaded at the UNICEF website

To obtain a copy in an alternative language or format
Write to:
UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre
International Secretariat for Child Friendly Cities
Piazza SS Annunziata, 12
50122 Florence, Italy

Telephone: (+39) 055 203 30

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