Your cash, your access

Access to ATM’s: UK design guidelines
ATM keyboard

Centre for Accessible Environments (CAE)

Publication date: 2004
Ranking: essential

This is the definitive guide used by designers looking to ensure automatic telling machines – cash machines – are accessible to disabled people. It was produced following industry research with banks and machine manufacturers.

Some of the more recent types of banking terminal are not addressed and designers may wish to refer to John Gill’s “Access Prohibited: Information for designers of public access terminals” published by Tiresias.

How to obtain a copy
Please visit the CAE website to purchase a copy.

To obtain a copy in an alternative format or language
Please write to:
Centre for Accessible Environments
4th Floor, Holyer House
20-21 Red Lion Court
London EC4A 3EB

Telephone: 020 7822 8232


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