A design for play

Play England in conjunction with (as then); Dept. for Children, Schools
and Families and Dept. of Culture, Mediachild playing and Sport.
Authors: Aileen Shackell, Nicola Butler, Phil Doyle and David Ball

Making space for play

Publication date: 2008
Ranking: useful

This guide was originally for commissioners and designers of children’s play areas as a part of non-statutory guidance to ‘playbuilder’ local authorities under the capital-spending programme launched by DCSF in April 2008.

It offers ten key principles for a successful play space with guidance on how to achieve them.

Most importantly though the guide begins with the inspiring statement that it:

“… is also intended to inform the creation of outdoor play space for years to come, that does justice to children’s endless capacity for adventure and imagination, their fundamental need for exercise and social interaction and, above all, to their innate sense of fun.”

How to obtain a copy
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How to obtain a copy in an alternative format or language
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