Is your ward dementia friendly?

The King’s Fund Centreward

The King’s Fund’s Enhancing the Healing Environment (EHE) Assessment Tool.

Publication date: 2014
Ranking: useful

The King’s Fund Centre has developed an audit to assess health settings for people living with dementia.

The document contain seven sections and a set of questions to prompt discussions. It uses a walk through style and has a summary section at the end to help identify key areas for further work or attention. It also includes notes from others who have use of the tool, giving their feedback.

It forms a part of the Enhancing the Healing Environment programme of work undertaken by the King’s Fund Centre. The work has focused on enabling nurse-led teams to work in partnership with patients to improve the environment in which they deliver care. The EHE programme has now been completed and the work on dementia friendly-design is being taken forward by the Association for Dementia Studies, University of Worcester.

How to obtain a copy
Please follow this link to the Kings Fund Centre website.

Want a copy in an alternative format or language?
Please write to:
The King’s Fund
11-13 Cavendish Square

Telephone: 020 7307 2585

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