Lighting and colour for hospital design

A report on an NHS Estates funded research projectcolour doc logo
Authors: Hilary Dalke, Paul J Littlefair, David L Loe, N Camoz
BRE, London South Bank University. TSO London

Publication date: 2004
Ranking: useful

This definitive publication brings together all the aspects of colour and lighting needed for contemporary hospital design. It is intended to be a user-friendly document, for reference early in a building project, which can be fully understood by both professionals and lay people alike.

It includes details on specific hospital areas as well as looking at the overall visual environment, the use of colour and design techniques to create accessible environments, along with daylighting and artificial light.

How to obtain a copy
Please follow this link to download a copy

To obtain a copy in an alternative format or language
Please write to:
PO Box 29
Norwich NR3 1GN

Telephone: 0870 600 5522



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