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The Good Play Space Guide

Publication date: 2007
Ranking: useful

Published by the State of Victoria this Australian guide sets out in detail how to go about providing accessible play spaces. Importantly it looks at everything from:

  • The benefits of play for all children,
  • The general characteristics of quality play spaces;
  • Access, inclusion and participation in play for people with a disability, in public play spaces;
  • Demonstrate what makes a play space accessible, and what improvements might be achievable; and •
  • Provide guidance on how to develop accessible public play spaces.

The document describes the consultation undertaken in the course of its preparation stating:

“…it appears the critical elements that define an accessible play space are that children can: get into the play space and move freely around; play with others; find enjoyable, stimulating things they can do; and be supported by amenities and facilities suited to their needs.”

How to obtain a copy
Follow this link to download a copy from the State of Victoria Government’s website.

How to obtain a copy in an alternative format or language
Please write to:
The Equality and Diversity Team
North Somerset Council
Town Hall
Walliscote Grove Road
BS23 1UJ

Telephone: 01934 634989
Email: equality@n-somerset.gov.uk


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