Designing cities for women 1: public realm

CityLab, AtlanticMedia.

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Publication date: 2016
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This article looks at how urban planners have been taking the ideas of gender mainstreaming and what can be achieved when the differing needs of men and women are taken into account.

It gives examples of park areas and the public transport system. The article states:

“Women used public transit more often and made more trips on foot than men. They were also more likely to split their time between work and family commitments like taking care of children and elderly parents. Recognizing this, city planners drafted a plan to improve pedestrian mobility and access to public transit.

Additional lighting was added to make walking at night safer for women. Sidewalks were widened so pedestrians could navigate narrow streets. And a massive staircase with a ramp running through the middle was installed near a major intersection to make crossing easier for people with strollers and individuals using a walker or a wheelchair.”

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