Building inclusion

Andrew Holdsworth-Wild, Jayne Earnscliffe and Jo Verrenthubs

Building inclusion: physical access guidance for the arts

Publication date: First published 2008, updated 2013.
Ranking: useful

In their words:
“(The) guidelines represent Arts Council best practice and are broadly based on BS8300:2001 and Part M of the Building Regulations… They are a tool that will help you to plan, deliver and create an accessible and equitable environment. And, in creating an accessible and inclusive environment, you are creating a space that benefits not just disabled people, but everyone”.

To obtain a copy follow this link to the National Archives website

To obtain a copy in an alternative format or language
Please contact the Arts Council Enquiries Team:
Email form: Form link
Telephone: 0845 300 6200 or 0161 934 4317

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