Historic buildings and places

National Disability Authority and Department of Arts, Heritage and the GaeltachtNDA access to historic buildings

Improving the accessibility of historic buildings and places

Publication date: 2011
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Produced by the Irish National Disability Authority, this document provides detailed advice on making historic and architecturally significant buildings and places access to disabled people. It seeks to assist in determining the practicability of works to improve access to the historic built environment.

It provides advice on:
– the principles of architectural conservation and universal design ·
– relevant legislation and policy ·
– preparation of an access strategy ·

It contains illustrated examples of successful solutions where access to historic buildings and places has been improved.

To obtain a copy follow this link to the National Disability Authority website

To obtain a copy in an alternative format or language
Please write to:
National Disability Authority
25 Clyde Rd,
Dublin, Ireland

Telephone: +353 1 608 0400
Email: nda@nda.ie
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