Hansel Bauman (hbhm architects) in conjunction with ASL Deaf Studies Department, Gallaudet University.

The DeafSpace Project (DSP)

Publication date: 2005
Ranking: useful

In their words:

“Our built environment, largely constructed by and for hearing individuals, presents a variety of surprising challenges to which deaf people have responded with a particular way of altering their surroundings to fit their unique ways-of-being.  This approach is often referred to as DeafSpace.”

The DSP developed the DeafSpace Guidelines, compiling a catalogue of over one hundred and fifty distinct DeafSpace architectural design elements that address the five major touch points between deaf experiences and the built environment:

  • space and proximity,
  • sensory reach,
  • mobility and proximity,
  • light and color, and finally
  • acoustics.

They work towards achieving the idea of community building, visual language, the promotion of personal safety and well-being.

More information and updates are available at:

To obtain a copy in an alternative language or format
Please write to:
Gallaudet University
800 Florida Avenue, NE
Washington, DC 20002

Telephone: Operator/Main Switchboard (202) 651-5000




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