Case study 7: Deaf Cafe

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Choosing a place to meet

Publication date: December 2017
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Conversations about “work” happen everywhere all day, all the time which makes this case study about meeting up relevant to us all.

Every month a group of Deaf people meet at a local “Coffee No 1” cafe on Weston High Street for a chat and a chance to catch up on news and issues that affect the Deaf community. It offers Deaf people an opportunity to overcome the feelings of physical isolation some of them can easily feel with so many barriers to communication all around them.

Though it’s a public space, the group is welcomed by the café and they reserve a table for them. The café is physically accessible and has sufficient space to enable Deaf people to communicate easily and comfortably. Local organisations have started to use the group to consult on projects around the area or to get feedback on services and Deaf people’s needs. They know the meetings will be accessible and that the central aim is simply to enable everyone to communicate freely with each other.

In this instance Deaf people don’t need the formal setting of a meeting room, papers etc since they communicate visually and primarily need somewhere to physically get together.

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