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  • Authors: Sally Benton, Stephen Miller, Sophie Reid.

The Design Economy 2018

Published: 2018
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We wanted to highlight here a short section from the Design Council’s report, The Design Economy 2018″ subtitled,  “the state of design in the UK”

They highlight in their “Key Findings” under the heading “Design has a diversity challenge” some significant issues for the broad design industry.

“The design economy employs a slightly higher proportion of people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) groups than are employed in the wider UK economy (13% compared with 11%), and this figure has improved since our previous analysis (11.4%). However, BAME designers are least likely to be in senior roles, accounting for only 12% of all design managers.”

“78% of the UK’s design workforce is male. This is higher than the percentage of men in the wider UK workforce (53%). This is also
despite women making up 63% of all students studying creative arts and design 
courses at university. The overall ratio is skewed and industrial design (95%), digital design (85%), and architecture and built environment (80%).”

Even when employed in design, women earn less. For example in the multidisciplinary design subsector, women working as product, clothing and related designers earn 18.3% less than men in that sub sector despite making up nearly two-thirds of that design sub sector (64%). Women are also less likely than men to be in senior roles, with only 17% of design managers being female.

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