Shared Space Delineators – are they detectable?

Transport for London and Accessibility Research Group, University College London.
Authors: Childs CR, Fujiyama T, Boampong, DK, Holloway C, Rostron H, Morgan K, Tyler N

Shared Space Delineators – are they detectable?

Publication date: 2010
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In the context of shared space, the research looks at the question as to whether an alternative surface be used to delineate between an area where vehicles are not expected and one where they are free to travel through: an alternative surface that is both clearly detectable, yet not a barrier to pedestrians?

The research is set against the background of reports that indicate many disabled people require a “safe space” (Nyvig et al. 2006) away from

moving vehicles. Some pedestrians have described feeling more anxious in these level areas than they do in areas where the delineation is clear. So much so that some people, especially those who are blind or partially sighted, have reported avoiding such spaces altogether (Carol Thomas et al. 2006).

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