Age friendly housing – a list of further reading

Housing LIN and Levitt Bernstein
Authors: Julia Park and Jeremy Porteus

Age friendly housing – a list of further reading (2nd Edition).

Publication date: 2019
Ranking: useful

blocks of flats with protruding box balconies

In their words:

“To accompany RIBA’s publication, the Housing LIN and Levitt Bernstein have produced this separate Reading List that brings together a selection of further publications (not referenced in Age-Friendly Housing: Future design for older people) that you may find helpful as background reading. This has now been updated (January 2019) to reflect a selection of further relevant reports that have been published since the launch of the RIBA book in July 2018.

Readers are also encouraged to visit the Housing LIN’s website at: to access an extensive range of other free resources on designing, planning, commissioning, funding, developing and managing housing for an ageing population.”

To obtain a copy in an alternative language or format
Please write to:
Housing LIN
C/o PRP, the Ideas Store
10 Lindsey Street, Clerkenwell
London EC1A 9HP


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