Do delineators help visually impaired people in shared surfaces?

University College London

Can shared surfaces be safely negotiated by blind and partially-sighted people?Shared space in Exhibition Road London

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Publication date: 2010

In their words:

“Some Shared Space Schemes incorporate level surfaces; with the removal of the traditional vertical kerb upstand between the footway (pedestrian space) and carriageway (vehicle space). Level surfaces download linkmake it more difficult for blind and partially sighted people to navigate safely, and they cannot use eye contact with drivers to navigate in a trafficked area, hence the suggestion of retaining a ‘Safe Space’ within the ‘Shared Space’. Delineation of this ‘Safe Space’ from the space shared with vehicles requires a surface that is detectable by blind and partially sighted people, whilst not being an obstacle for other pedestrians.

This work… (shows) …the difficulty of finding a surface that is suitable for both detection and
ease of passing over, but indicate some possibilities worth further research.”

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