Review of transport system mobility guidance

Karen Lucas, Gordon Stokes, Jeroen Bastiaanssen, Julian Burkinshaw; University of Leeds.
Foresight, Government Office for Science

Inequalities in Mobility and Access in the UK Transport System

Blurred images of people in major station

Image courtesy of Leeds University

Future of Mobility: Evidence Review

Publication date: 2019
Ranking: useful

The study is a desk based inclusion review of current evidence “…of technological, behavioural and policy innovations in the UK transport system to 2040.”

The report makes a number of recommendations about the potential for greater social inclusion.

Interestingly it concludes amongst other recommendations that:

“Inequalities in the provision of transport services are strongly linked with where people live, and the associated differences in access to employment, healthcare, education, and local shops. This problem is more to do with land-use and public service planning, which determines the physical location and spatial distribution of these services in relation to low cost housing, than with deficiencies in the transport system itself.”

This report has an information cut-off date of June 2018.

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