Evidence counts! The value of public dialogue.


Evidence Counts – Understanding the Value of Public Dialogue

Publication dates: various reports from 2013 -2018
Ranking: useful

Though this organisation focuses on science and technology, the principles and ideas contained in the reports are valuable to everyone seeking to understand how to go about public dialogue and who want to create an attitude of mind within their organisation that naturally engages with the public, their staff or customers and clients.

The report describes their research on some of the key issues from the true costs of engagement to effective methods of engagement to highlighting practical case studies where engagement is shown to have real impact and be of major value.

The full series of reports are:

  • Enabling and Sustaining Citizen Involvement (Diane Beddoes)
  • Widening Public Involvement in Dialogue (Pippa Hyam)
  • The Use of Experts in Public Dialogue (Suzannah Lansdell)
  • Departmental Dialogue Index (Lindsey Colbourne)
  • Working with the Media (Melanie Smallman)

More information with useful tool kits are available at www.science-wise-erc.org.uk 

Download a copy of the report here at the sciencewise website

To obtain a copy in an alternative language or format
Please write to:
Simon Burall, Sciencewise Programme Director. Involve, 18 Victoria Park Square. London E2 9PF

Telephone: 020 3745 4334
Email: info@sciencewise.org.uk


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