Design guidance for visually impaired people living with dementia

University of Stirling/Thomas Pocklington Trust  Report authors; Corinne Greasley-Adams, Alison Bowes, Alison Dawson and Louise McCabe

Good practice in the design of homes and living spaces for people with dementia and sight loss

Publication date: 2020
Ranking: essential

In their words:

“These guidelines are based on findings from a study which aimed to assess the research evidence around what works well for visually impaired people with dementia in terms of the design of their homes and the things in them. The guidelines are intended to be used to make people’s ‘living spaces’ more supportive and accessible, whether those spaces are individual and family residences or the bedrooms, bathrooms and shared areas of care homes.”

Download a copy here at the Dementia Services Development Centre at University of Stirling.
The website offers an audio version to download.

To obtain a copy in alternative format or language
Please contact:
Dementia Services Development Centre, Iris Murdoch Building, University of Stirling, Stirling. FK9 4LA. Scotland

Telephone:  01786 467740
Fax: 01786 466846

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