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Event planning guide

Equality and Human Rights Commission Engaging with disabled people – an event planning guide Publication date: 2018 Ranking: useful Event planning checklists of things to consider when planning an engagement event involving disabled people. These cover: arranging the event finding a

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Case study 7: Deaf Cafe

North Somerset Council Choosing a place to meet Publication date: December 2017 Ranking: useful Conversations about “work” happen everywhere all day, all the time which makes this case study about meeting up relevant to us all. Every month a group

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Inclusive service provision

British Standards Institute (BSi) Inclusive service provision BS 18477:2010 Requirements for identifying and responding to consumer vulnerability In their words: “All consumers are different, with a wide range of needs, abilities and personal circumstances. These differences can place some in a

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Customer service and people living with dementia

Alzheimer’s Society How to help people with dementia: a guide for customer facing staff Publication date: 2015 Ranking: useful This guide gives key tips and guidance for staff in how to assist customers living with dementia and explains some of the

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Case study 3: Attitude is Everything

Attitude is Everything Publication date: various dates Ranking: Useful The case studies aim to show inclusive design in practice. All the case studies can be found in our case study index post. CS3 Attitude is Everything – access to live music

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State of Access Report 2014

Attitude Publication date: 2014 Ranking: useful This report gives you an idea of what access is like to music venues for deaf and disabled people. Have a look as well at their case studies on the Case Studies Index page 

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Accessible Stadia

Sports Ground Safety Authority Publication date: 2015 (first published in 2003) Ranking: Essential This comprehensive updated publication brings together the background information central to designing and providing for disabled spectators at stadia. It lays out clearly the requirements and obligations of legislation,

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