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Living with dementia and accessing green spaces

Natural England: P. Clark; N. Mapes and S. Preston. Greening dementia Publication date: 2013 Ranking: useful This is a literature review of the benefits and barriers facing individuals living with dementia in accessing the natural environment and local greenspace. It also

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Connecting parks and people

Mimi Kirk, CityLab The city’s parks welcoming immigrants Publication date: 2017 Ranking: useful This article describes how local communities were encouraged to become involved in helping to regenerate a run down park in Brooklyn. In addition to traditional methods such

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Great public spaces need more than good design

Linda Poon, The Atlantic CityLab. To Build a Great Public Space, You Need More Than Good Design Publication date: 2017 Ranking: useful The article highlights the work of the Kounkuey Design Initiative who work with grassroots organisation to create public spaces

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An environment for all ages

Kt-equal A built environment for all ages Publication date: March 2010 Ranking: useful Notes of a workshop held in 2010 looking at evidence that well-designed outdoor spaces can enhance long term health and well-being for people who use them regularly.

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Playing out in the woods!

Forestry Commission England Design guidance for play space Publication date: 2006 Ranking: This short guidance note sets out principles for considering the needs of the people who will use the space. Using multi-disciplinary teams it aims to show how naturalistic

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Public Health is Playing Out!

Department of Health (DoH) Playing Out: A Public Health Perspective A blog by Viv Bennet  Publication date: November 2014 Ranking: essential Describes new initiative by DoH to, “…reactivate street play in communities up and down the country. This builds on a

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Gardening for wheelchair users

TERRAform Product All products are publicised here as examples of design solutions. This not an endorsement of the design or the company. Ranking: useful Raised garden or allotment bed that allows access for wheelchair users. Takes account of reach and

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Landscape Design for Dementia Care

Housing LIN Publication date: July 2013 Ranking: useful This Factsheet is intended to be used as a tool to further debate on the subject of design for dementia care in the specialist housing sector. The principles of landscape design for

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Neighbourhoods for life Checklist

Housing Corporation Publication date: 2004 Ranking: useful   This checklist gives a range of design recommendations to help housing associations improve the quality of life of older people with dementia in the outdoor environment. How to view a copy To

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Access for All Design Guide

Environment Agency Publication date: 2012 Ranking: useful The Environment Agency’s own information on how to plan and deliver inclusive public access as part of their construction activities. It should be used by anyone planning to undertake physical works in the

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Guidance on the use of Tactile Paving Surfaces

Department of Transport Publication date: 2007 Ranking: essential Guidance on the use and layout of tactile paving in pedestrian environments. How to view a copy Follow this link to the central government website to download a copy To obtain a copy

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By all reasonable means

Sensory Trust Publication date: 2005 Ranking: useful Natural England’s national guidance publication, written and designed by the Sensory Trust. Useful for anyone planning access improvements to public greenspace, it provides practical information on standards, techniques and examples of good practice.

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BT Countryside for All

Fieldfare Trust Publication date: first published 2001 and updated 2013 Ranking: useful Fieldfare, under the guidance of the National Advisory Group, which includes organisations representing people with disabilities, countryside service providers, national agencies and countryside user groups and users, researched

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Breedon gravel aggregates

Breedon Gravel Publication date: not applicable Ranking: useful Breedon Wayfarer is a gravel based material, graded 6mm to fines limestone material with self binding properties providing stability with great versatility. It is commonly used on any paths used by disabled

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Inclusive Play

Sensory Trust Publication date: 2008 Ranking: Useful A good practice guide to the design of play areas using the Sensory Trust’s Access Chain concept. Offers guidance on inclusive design ideas and involvement looking at every stage of the development process,

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Access Guide

English Heritage Publication date: 2011 Ranking: useful Guide to historic properties owned or managed by English Heritage. How to view this document Please visit the English Heritage website To obtain a copy in an alternative format or language please telephone:

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