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Inclusive service provision

British Standards Institute (BSi) Inclusive service provision BS 18477:2010 Requirements for identifying and responding to consumer vulnerability In their words: “All consumers are different, with a wide range of needs, abilities and personal circumstances. These differences can place some in a

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The purple pound

VisitEngland Publication date: 2013 Ranking: useful The purple pound: volume and value of accessible tourism in England Facts and figures on the economic benefits of accessible tourism and accommodation venues. Download the information here at the VisitEngland website More access

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Why you can’t ignore dementia and tourism

National Coastal Tourism Academy (NCTA) Publication date: 2016 Ranking: useful Dementia: Why is it important for tourism? In their words: “This brief guide, is designed to give businesses in the visitor economy advice, information and resources on becoming dementia friendly. The NCTA has produced

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You, Equality law and your business

Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) What equality law means for your business Publication date: 2014 Ranking: essential This guide is one of a series written by the Equality and Human Rights Commission to explain what you must do to

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Building better places

House of Lords Select Committee on National Policy for the Built Environment.  Building Better Places Publication date: February 2016 Ranking: useful This report covers the findings of the Select Committee. The Committee commented: “(the) …cumulative effect of progressively diluting the capacity

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Short-changed: the Trailblazers High Street report

Trailblazers Publication date: 2013 Ranking: useful Describes the findings of an Autumn 2013 investigation into access to the High Street. Trailblazers have compiled a cost-effective guide with recommendations as to how businesses can improve disabled customers experiences in their establishments. Individual disabled

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Best practice guidelines for accessible cinemas for disabled people

Cinema Exhibitors Association Ltd (CEA) Publication date: 2012 Ranking: useful Produced in consultation with a wide array of relevant stakeholders, this document set out a comprehensive view not just of the requirements placed on cinema owners and operators by legislation,

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Inclusive Project Management

Jointly published by Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee and former published by Commission on Architecture  and Built Environment Publication date: 2003 Ranking: useful A detailed practical guide on how to manage a project team in accordance with inclusive design principles, looking at how aims

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Technical Standards for Places of Entertainment – Yellow Guide 2015

Association of British Theatre Technicians (ABBT) Publication date: 2015 Ranking: essential These are the updated Technical Standards which aim to provide simple guidance in an easy format. They set out the physical standards for buildings, their equipment and the good

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At your service – business case for accessible hotels and guest houses

Visit England Publication date: 2009 Ranking: useful Sets out case for businesses to become more accessible, highlighting size of the market and its value, benefits of having a business that appeals to the greatest range of people and which meets the

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2012 Legacy for disabled people: Inclusive and accessible business

Office of Disability Issues (ODI) Publication date: August 2010 Ranking: useful The report describes the compelling case for small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) to focus on disabled people as customers, offers recommendations for improvements in the way messages on

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National Accessible Scheme

National Accessible Scheme Publication date: Ranking:useful Scheme that rates the accessibility of visitor accommodation throughout England, helping operators improve and promote their true level of accessibility. Allows visitors to make objective comparisons. How to view a copy of this document

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