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Public transportation is a “women’s issue.”

Laura Bliss, The Atlantic; CityLab Mass transit mobilises women. Why don’t women mobilise for transit? Publication date: January 2017 Ranking: useful In their words: “Like the economy, climate change, immigration, and health care, public transportation is a women’s issue.” the author

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Accessible railway stations

A joint code of practice (CoP) by Dept. for Transport and Transport Scotland. Design standards for accessible railway stations. Publication date: 2015 Ranking: essential The document sets out the standards required for all infrastructure works at stations to ensure a

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Accessible Train Station

Department of Transport Publication date: November 2011 Ranking: useful  This document outlines the code of practice for Accessible Train Stations specifically designed for disabled people. Covers all  issues from platform design and access onto trains to information, kiosks,  ramps, doors and car parking.

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