How the site works

How the site worksTYLDSELEY%20&%20TOWNSMOOR

It provides physical access design guidance for all equality groups, not just disability.

Our design guide entitled Ignore Fail Read Succeed 2019 describes the importance of diversity in design and the need to consult building or space users to inform a design. The alternative way of basic compliance ignores the actual needs of the very people many areas of guidance are focused on trying to support.

What sort of guidance will you find?

Modern terrace house with balcony

  • legislation, eg Equality Act 2010
  • nationally agreed standards, eg British Standards, European Directives
  • advice from national groups , eg RNIB or
  • published academic research
  • local users with experience of specific impairments or circumstances

All guidance is included regardless of its age so long as at the time of its publication it contributed to accessibility. No ranking is given to one source over another except to say if its legislation or nationally approved standards we’ve highlighted it as “Essential”. Everything else is marked “Useful.”

Site is supported by North Somerset Council Equality and Diversity Team

We are able to respond to access queries on projects or for people who work or live in North Somerset.

Telephone: 01934 888 888


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