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How to write an Access Statement

VisitEngland VisitBritain Accessibility Guides Publication date: 2017 Ranking: essential In their words: “An Accessibility Guide is produced by tourism operators to provide potential visitors with important accessibility information about a venue, property or service. The guide enables individuals with accessibility

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The Equality Act and disabled people

House of Lords Select Committee on the Equality Act 2010 and Disability The Equality Act 2010: the impact on disabled people Published: March 2016 Ranking: essential In the committee’s words: “The Equality Act 2010 is the legislative framework. We have been examining whether it adequately

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Building inclusion

Andrew Holdsworth-Wild, Jayne Earnscliffe and Jo Verrent Building inclusion: physical access guidance for the arts Publication date: First published 2008, updated 2013. Ranking: useful In their words: “(The) guidelines represent Arts Council best practice and are broadly based on BS8300:2001 and

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Building better places

House of Lords Select Committee on National Policy for the Built Environment.  Building Better Places Publication date: February 2016 Ranking: useful This report covers the findings of the Select Committee. The Committee commented: “(the) …cumulative effect of progressively diluting the capacity

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Making a house a home

Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) Making a house a home: Local Authorities and disabled adaptations Publication date: March 2016 Ranking: useful This report highlights some of the issues raised with the LGO when the process goes wrong, and the impact this

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Shared space: is it evidence based?

University of the West of England (UWE): Simon Moody and Steve Melia Shared space – research, policy and problems Publication date: 2012 Ranking: essential The authors’ introduction states: “Shared space is an approach to street design which minimises demarcations between vehicles

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Small plot, big technology

Papworth Trust Small plot, big technology in accessible bungalow design Publication date: 2015 Ranking: useful. The Papworth Trust have constructed two space-saving bungalows in Papworth Everard in Cambridgeshire. They are an example of how to create accessible accommodation with a focus

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Small venues – big changes!

Guardian Music blog How small venues can make big changes for disabled fans and artists The music charity Attitude Is Everything has signed up its 100th venue to its Charter of Best Practice. Mystery Jets frontman Blaine Harrison explains how

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Design and access statement. How to write,read and use them.

Design Council (formerly the Commission for Architecture and Built Environment) Publication date: 2006 Ranking: Essential In May 2006, the government introduced changes to the planning applications process that brought Design and Access Statements into more common use . Though Planning

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Short-changed: the Trailblazers High Street report

Trailblazers Publication date: 2013 Ranking: useful Describes the findings of an Autumn 2013 investigation into access to the High Street. Trailblazers have compiled a cost-effective guide with recommendations as to how businesses can improve disabled customers experiences in their establishments. Individual disabled

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Best practice guidelines for accessible cinemas for disabled people

Cinema Exhibitors Association Ltd (CEA) Publication date: 2012 Ranking: useful Produced in consultation with a wide array of relevant stakeholders, this document set out a comprehensive view not just of the requirements placed on cinema owners and operators by legislation,

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Designing for disabled children and children with special educational needs (BB102)

Dept. of Education Publication date: 2008 Ranking: Useful Advice and guidance on how to meet needs of disabled pupils. Building Bulletin 102 provided non-statutory design guidance on accommodation for children with SEN and disabilities for special school and mainstream school

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Public Places, Future Spaces

Womens Design Service Publication date: 1994 Ranking: useful Document provides an account of a study day organised by the Womens Design Service looking at to what extent contemporary models of planning met the needs of women and what needed to change to

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Access for All Design Guide

Environment Agency Publication date: 2012 Ranking: useful The Environment Agency’s own information on how to plan and deliver inclusive public access as part of their construction activities. It should be used by anyone planning to undertake physical works in the

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Inclusive Project Management

Jointly published by Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee and former published by Commission on Architecture  and Built Environment Publication date: 2003 Ranking: useful A detailed practical guide on how to manage a project team in accordance with inclusive design principles, looking at how aims

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North Somerset Equality Access Policy

Publication date: 2013 Ranking: Essential (North Somerset Council) This document sets out North Somerset Council’s policy for achieving accessible buildings, spaces and transport for everyone. It also addresses the related theme of accessible information. It provides a framework for the

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Guidance on the use of Tactile Paving Surfaces

Department of Transport Publication date: 2007 Ranking: essential Guidance on the use and layout of tactile paving in pedestrian environments. How to view a copy Follow this link to the central government website to download a copy To obtain a copy

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Equal access to electoral procedures – good practice guidance

Electoral Commission Publication date: 2004 Ranking: useful This good practice guidance was produced as part of the Commission’s review of equal access to electoral procedures. The full report and recommendations in relation to the legal framework were published in “Equal access

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Access to Historic Buildings

English Heritage Easy Access to Historic Buildings Publication date: 2015 Ranking: essential These guidelines focus on physical access issues for historic buildings. Other issues such as lighting, tone, colour contrast and signing are addressed with references to other access guidance elsewhere. The guidance deals buildings

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Designing Libraries

Designing Libraries is run by team at Aberystwyth University. It was set up in 2004  initially with MLA funding, to provide a web-based database of recent public library building projects in the UK, benefiting from staff expertise and resources within the University

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Manual for Streets

Department of Transport Publication date: 2007 and 2010 Ranking: essential Guidance for practitioners involved in the planning, provision and approval of new residential streets and modifications to existing ones. Its companion publication “Manual for Streets 2” addresses the wider urban area.

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School building design guidance

Department for Education (DfE) Publication date: various 2012 Ranking: essential This a website listing all the Departments current guidance on school design. It includes: Updated information on Building Bulletin 82, ‘Area guidelines for schools’, which has been superseded by two

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The value of good design: how buildings and spaces create economic and social value

Design Council, formerly published by Commission for Architecture and Built Environment, CABE. Publication date: 2002 Ranking: useful The document draws together key research from the UK and abroad to show that investment in good design generates economic and social value. How

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By all reasonable means

Sensory Trust Publication date: 2005 Ranking: useful Natural England’s national guidance publication, written and designed by the Sensory Trust. Useful for anyone planning access improvements to public greenspace, it provides practical information on standards, techniques and examples of good practice.

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BT Countryside for All

Fieldfare Trust Publication date: first published 2001 and updated 2013 Ranking: useful Fieldfare, under the guidance of the National Advisory Group, which includes organisations representing people with disabilities, countryside service providers, national agencies and countryside user groups and users, researched

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BS8300:2009+A1 2010 Design of buildings to meet the needs of disabled people

British Standards Institute Publication date: 2010 Ranking: essential BS 8300: 2009+A1:2010 looks at the design of buildings and their ability to meet the requirements of disabled people. By offering best-practice recommendations, this standard explains how architectural design and the built

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Building Bulletin 93 Acoustic design of schools

Dept of Education Publication date: 1993 Ranking: Useful Building Bulletin 93 aimed to give supporting advice and recommendations for planning and design of schools for anyone involved in the design of new school buildings. How to view a copy Follow

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Accessible Train Station Design for Disabled People: Code of Practice

Department for Transport and Transport Scotland Publication date: 2011 Ranking: Useful The purpose of the Code is to assist those operating passenger trains and stations in making railway travel easier for disabled passengers. In sets out key design criteria for

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Accessible Stadia

Sports Ground Safety Authority Publication date: 2015 (first published in 2003) Ranking: Essential This comprehensive updated publication brings together the background information central to designing and providing for disabled spectators at stadia. It lays out clearly the requirements and obligations of legislation,

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Accessible sports facilities – CAD drawings to support design guidance

Sport England Publication date: 2010 Ranking: Useful These CAD drawings offer illustations of how the Sport England accessible sports facilities guidance could be implemented. (See separate posting, “Accessible Sports Facilities“). How to view a copy Follow this link to the

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Access, churches and disabled people

ChurchCare Accessibility and disabled people Publication date: 2013 Ranking: Useful Provides guidance on improving access to church buildings with references to other websites, documents and guidance. How to obtain a copy of this document Please follow this link To obtain

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Approved document Part M: Access to and use of buildings

Planning Portal Publication Date:  2016 (updated)  Ranking:  Essential This section covers the technical guidance contained in Part M (Approved Document M) of schedule 1 of the Building Regulations with the requirements with respect to Access to and use of buildings.

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