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Consultation with Deaf and disabled people

Interior Architecture and Design, University of Brighton Making Discursive Spaces Publication date: 2008 Ranking: useful This project and website explored new ways of developing more effective consultation methods. In their words: “Making Discursive Spaces hopes to open up disability and

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Evidence counts! The value of public dialogue.

Sciencewise Evidence Counts – Understanding the Value of Public Dialogue Publication dates: various reports from 2013 -2018 Ranking: useful Though this organisation focuses on science and technology, the principles and ideas contained in the reports are valuable to everyone seeking

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Public engagement, not just about the public

Carolina Johnson, University of Washington Involve Public engagement, not just about the public Publication date: 2014 Ranking: useful In their words: “The engagement of the public is just one aspect of effective public engagement; the commitment and support of government

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Towards age-friendly cities and communities

Place-Age Place-Making with Older Adults: Towards Age-Friendly Cities and Communities Publication date: 2019 Ranking: useful In their words: ‘Age-Friendly Cities and Communities’ are those that have policies, services and structures that enable older people to ‘age actively’ – that is,

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Design and community engagement: case study

Centre for London Capital Homes: Trust, design and community engagement Publication date: July 2019 Ranking: useful Though this report stems from work relating to London, it is of universal appeal in that it describes evidence of how good engagement with

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Gentrification and equality

Tanvi Misra writing in CityLab How gentrification impacts community bonds Publication date: 2019 Ranking: useful               The article reports on a study which shows that the impact on a community of gentrification can be

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Event planning guide

Equality and Human Rights Commission Engaging with disabled people – an event planning guide Publication date: 2018 Ranking: useful Event planning checklists of things to consider when planning an engagement event involving disabled people. These cover: arranging the event finding a

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Feedback – how to fix the Bronx bus service

John Suico, CityLab How to fix the Bronx bus service? Ask the commuters Publication date: 2018 Ranking: useful Using the context of the Bronx bus service the article highlights the value of consultation and involvement of customers or  citizens. It

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Designing for well-being in later life

DWELL research project, University of Sheffield DWELL (Designing for Well-being in Environments for Later Life) project Publication date: Ranking: useful DWELL was a multi-disciplinary design research project at the University of Sheffield. EPSRC-funded , the three year project investigated how the design

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Case study 7: Deaf Cafe

North Somerset Council Choosing a place to meet Publication date: December 2017 Ranking: useful Conversations about “work” happen everywhere all day, all the time which makes this case study about meeting up relevant to us all. Every month a group

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Designing with people

Helen Hamlyn Trust Designing with people Publication date: Ranking: essential In their words: “This web-based resource has been created by the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design at the Royal College of Art to share ways to design with people. Get

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Connecting parks and people

Mimi Kirk, CityLab The city’s parks welcoming immigrants Publication date: 2017 Ranking: useful This article describes how local communities were encouraged to become involved in helping to regenerate a run down park in Brooklyn. In addition to traditional methods such

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Great public spaces need more than good design

Linda Poon, The Atlantic CityLab. To Build a Great Public Space, You Need More Than Good Design Publication date: 2017 Ranking: useful The article highlights the work of the Kounkuey Design Initiative who work with grassroots organisation to create public spaces

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Diversity: why it matters to designers

Canon Australia 6 Photographers Find 6 Different Ways To Shoot The Same Man. Publication date: 2015 Ranking: useful As a part of a Canon advertising campaign called “Decoy” six photographers were given different briefs to photograph the same man, entirely

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Toolkit for engagement with people living with dementia

Department of Health (DoH) Engaging with people that have experience of with dementia Publication date: 2016 Ranking: essential One of the DoH priority actions in their Dementia 2020 Challenge action plan is to establish a Dementia Citizens’ Engagement Programme in England. A toolkit

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Library of the future

Michaela Cavanagh, CityLab, The Atlantic. A library of the future arrives in Denmark Publication date: December 2016 Ranking: useful Described as less of place for books and more a space for people the article highlights how a key issue in

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If you only did one thing

The big lesson that Bloomberg Mayor‘s Challenge Winners can teach other cities The Atlantic: CityLab Publication date: 2016 Ranking: useful The article describes how the “Mayors Challenge” encourages cities to generate bold new ideas that solve urban challenges and improve city life.

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LLDC Inclusive Design Standards

London Legacy Development Corporation LLDC Inclusive Design Standards Publication date: March 2013 Ranking: useful This document sets out the design standards used by the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) as a part of the Olympic Legacy process. It develops the guidance

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Streetscape audits

Dept. of Transport and Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation Traffic Advisory Leaflet 5/11: Quality Audit Publication date: 2011 Ranking: essential This leaflet explains the Quality Audit process. The Quality Audit process can be applied to highway, traffic management or development

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Arts access guides

Produced by Museums, Libraries and Archives (MLA), (responsibilities now transferred to the Arts Council). Disability Portfolio Publication date: 2003 Ranking: useful The Disability Portfolio is a collection of 12 access guides. They were produced originally to meet the growing need

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Dementia and staff consultation

Kate Allen, Dementia Services Development Centre, University of Stirling. Joseph Rowntree Foundation Exploring ways for staff to consult people with dementia about services Publication date: 2001 Ranking: useful This study focused on the process of undertaking service user consultation with people

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Listening to your customers and service users

Housing LIN User Involvement and Co-production Publication date: various from 2015 Ranking: essential The Housing LIN web based resource has now set up a section looking at examples and methods for consulting people who use services and how to get

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Fair Play for Children!

Department for Victorian Communities, State of Victoria. The Good Play Space Guide Publication date: 2007 Ranking: useful Published by the State of Victoria this Australian guide sets out in detail how to go about providing accessible play spaces. Importantly it

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From Fairy Tale to Reality

Involve and RSA Edward Andersson, Sam McLean, Metin Parlak and Gabrielle Melvin. Dispelling the myths around citizen engagement. Publication date: 2013 Ranking: useful This pamphlet is a collaborative venture by Involve and the RSA. It “debunks” common misconceptions of public

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