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Who is your designer?

Design Council  Authors: Sally Benton, Stephen Miller, Sophie Reid. The Design Economy 2018 Published: 2018 Ranking: useful We wanted to highlight here a short section from the Design Council’s report, “The Design Economy 2018″ subtitled,  “the state of design in

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More designing cities for women 3

Lucy Turnbull, TEDx MacQuarrie University Designing cities for women Publication date: 2014 Ranking: useful The video describes how women use cities differently and that designing for their needs is actually in everyone’s interests. A live English transcript is available alongside

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A place for everyone?

Oxfam and Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) A place for everyone? Publication date: 2007 Ranking: useful This note relates to meeting the needs of women in Planning. It was produced at the time of the introduction of the Gender Equality

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Are women the indicator of safety?

Terry Slavin, The Guardian, Cities feature section. “If there aren’t as many women cycling as men … you need better infrastructure” Publication date: 2015 Ranking: useful In their words: “Gil Penalosa who runs Toronto-based consultancy 8-80 cities describes women cyclists

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Around the toilet

Around the toilet Publication date: 2015 Ranking: useful This project approaches a fundamental issue in a very different, but very informative way. Use this link to their web site to find out more or read on. In their words: “Around

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Designing cities for women 1: public realm

CityLab, AtlanticMedia. How to Design a City for Women Publication date: 2016 Ranking: useful This article looks at how urban planners have been taking the ideas of gender mainstreaming and what can be achieved when the differing needs of men

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Iceland Academy of Arts, Norwegian Centre for Design; Centre for Gender Research, University of Iceland; Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Design Innovation for Gender Equality Publication date: 2008 Ranking: useful The report looks at how design overall can influence

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Planning and access for disabled people: a good practice guide

Dept. of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) Publication date: 2003 Ranking: useful The primary objective of this guide is to ensure the planning system in England successfully and consistently delivers inclusive environments as an integral part of the development process.

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The way we live now: What people expect from their homes

Ipsos MORI/Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Publication date: 2012 Ranking: useful This research project has been commissioned from Ipsos MORI by the RIBA for the independent Future Homes Commission’s investigation into how the UK can build enough of the right kind

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Manual for Streets

Department of Transport Publication date: 2007 and 2010 Ranking: essential Guidance for practitioners involved in the planning, provision and approval of new residential streets and modifications to existing ones. Its companion publication “Manual for Streets 2” addresses the wider urban area.

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Gender equality and plan making

Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) Publication date: 2003 Ranking: useful This gender mainstreaming toolkit provides practical guidance on how to incorporate gender issues into planning at the local level, helping promote equality between women and men. The target audience for

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Gender and spatial planning

Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) Publication date: 2004 Ranking: useful The note examines definitions of equality, the legal responsibilities of planners and the key gender issues affecting spatial planning. It then focuses on specific areas of planning, setting out key

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