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Healthy High Streets

Public Health England and Institute of Health Equity. Prepared by: Sorcha Daly and Jessica Allen, Institute of Health Equity. Healthy High Streets Publication date: 2018 Ranking: useful. Good read for who?  Directors of Public Health, planners, architects and urban designers.

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Healthy placemaking

Design Council and Social Change UK Publication date: 2018 Ranking: useful Healthy Placemaking In their words: “(The)  Healthy Placemaking report explores the attitudes and behaviours of built environment practitioners towards healthy placemaking. The report makes a valuable contribution to the evidence base,

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Working for age friendly communities

Centre for Aging Publication date: various Ranking: useful Age friendly community In their own words: “In age-friendly communities, people of all ages actively participate, it is easy for people to stay connected, active and healthy in later life, and appropriate

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Being disabled in Britain

Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) Being disabled in Britain: a journey less equal Published: 2017 Ranked: useful In the EHRC’s words: “Being disabled in Britain is a review into disability inequality in Great Britain. It builds on the Equality and

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An environment for all ages

Kt-equal A built environment for all ages Publication date: March 2010 Ranking: useful Notes of a workshop held in 2010 looking at evidence that well-designed outdoor spaces can enhance long term health and well-being for people who use them regularly.

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TED goes designing for disability

TED  ideas worth spreading   A playlist of 10 videos all on subject of designing for disability from TED conferences around the world. In their words: “Good design — and smart technology — should fuel inclusivity. These talks show how tech

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How good is our place?

Architecture and Design Scotland, NHS – Health Scotland and The Scottish Government The Place Standard Guide Published: 2015 Ranking: useful In their words: “The Place Standard tool provides a simple framework to structure conversations about place. It allows you to

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Urban design for mental health

Mimi Kirk , The Atlantic; CityLab Publication date: December 2016 Ranking: useful How to support mental health through urban planning The article describes the work of the Center for Urban Urban Design and Mental Health and highlights four key themes

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Loneliness, health and housing design

DEMOS and McCarthy and Stone By Claudia Wood and Jo Salter of DEMOS Building Companionship: how better design can combat loneliness in later life Publication date: April 2016 Ranking: useful This report “… explores why it might be that older people

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Case study 5: A Fresh Approach

Housing LIN – Architype A Fresh Approach to Palliative Care – Sustainable Design Publication date: 2015 Ranking: useful The case studies aim to show inclusive design in practice. All the case studies can be found in our case study index post.

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Wayfinding for healthcare facilities

efm standards – NHS and Dept. of Health Effective Wayfinding and Signing Systems: Guidance for Healthcare Facilities Publication date: 2005 Ranking: useful This document replaces the 1984 edition of HTM 65 “Signs.” It describes ways of improving wayfinding around healthcare sites. It

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Is your ward dementia friendly?

The King’s Fund Centre The King’s Fund’s Enhancing the Healing Environment (EHE) Assessment Tool. Publication date: 2014 Ranking: useful The King’s Fund Centre has developed an audit to assess health settings for people living with dementia. The document contain seven sections and

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Dementia does not discriminate

All-Party Parliamentary Group on Dementia (APPG) Dementia does not discriminate – the experiences of black Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities Publication date: July 2013 Ranking: useful The report states the number of individuals with dementia from these communities will increase

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Improving the public’s health

The Kings Fund Publication date: 2013 Ranking: useful Local authorities have been given renewed responsibility for public health as part of the government’s 2012 health and social care reforms. While this is a welcome move, there are as yet few

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City health check

RIBA Publication date: 2013 Ranking: useful Do our cities support healthy, active choices on a daily basis? Does the architecture and urban design of our cities impact on public health? In this health check the RIBA report compares three serious

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Hospice Environmental Assessment Tool

Princes Foundation/The Kings Fund Publication date: 2010 Ranking: useful This audit tool supports the design guidance on hospices to be found in “Principles of hospice design”.  It is also is of relevance to anyone working on designing for people with

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Principles of hospice design

Princes Foundation/The Kings Fund Publication date: 2012 Ranking: useful The document sets out the principles that arose from a design competition to describes the requirements for a well designed hospice. It builds on research undertaken by the The Kings Fund

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