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Around the toilet

Around the toilet Publication date: 2015 Ranking: useful This project approaches a fundamental issue in a very different, but very informative way. Use this link to their web site to find out more or read on. In their words: “Around

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Dementia care and LGBT communities

National Care Forum (NCF) and the Voluntary Organisations Disability Group (VODG), working with the National LGB&T Partnership Dementia care and LGBT communities: A good practice paper April 2016 In their own words… “The UK is home to an estimated 1.2

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Architecture and gay people: media article

Architects Journal (AJ): “Stonewall: Architecture fails to support gay equality in workplace: Publication date: 2013 Rank: useful Written by Rakesh Ramchurn, it highlights the lack of architectural or planning practice in the Stonewall Equality Index and that architecture does less to

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Violence, Sexuality and Space Research summary

Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Publication date: 2005 Ranking: useful Looks at how homophobic violence results in social exclusion in some geographic areas and the reasons why this occurs. Shows it is not just the way space is designed

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The smoking ban: Perceptions of safety on Edinburgh’s scene

Brunel University Publication date: 2008 Ranking: useful Evaluates the effects on safety of gay people in Edinburgh as a result of the smoking ban. Shows that safety of gay people is compromised when having to stand outside public premises and

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Homophobia and violence against gay people in public space

Maneo-Werkstatt 3 Publication date: 2008 Ranking:  useful Report of a workshop by MANEO organisation on pan-European project to look at reporting and the way violence is treated involving gay people. Is useful for understanding issues relating to the management of

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