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Consultation with Deaf and disabled people

Interior Architecture and Design, University of Brighton Making Discursive Spaces Publication date: 2008 Ranking: useful This project and website explored new ways of developing more effective consultation methods. In their words: “Making Discursive Spaces hopes to open up disability and

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“People aren’t disabled their city is…”

A Guardian Cities article by Emily Yates “People aren’t disabled, their city is”: inside Europe’s most accessible city. Publication date: May 2019 Ranking: useful Article describes writer’s experience as a disabled person in travelling around the Dutch city of Breda

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Manual for Streets

Department of Transport Publication date: 2007 and 2010 Ranking: essential Guidance for practitioners involved in the planning, provision and approval of new residential streets and modifications to existing ones. Its companion publication “Manual for Streets 2” addresses the wider urban area.

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British Standard Design of an accessible and inclusive built environment

British Standards Institute BS 8300-1:2018 Design of an accessible and inclusive built environment. External environment. Code of practice BS 8300-2:2018 Design of an accessible and inclusive built environment. Buildings. Code of practice Publication date: 2018 Ranking: essential BS 8300: 2009+A1:2010 has been

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Accessible Stadia

Sports Ground Safety Authority Publication date: 2015 (first published in 2003) Ranking: Essential This comprehensive updated publication brings together the background information central to designing and providing for disabled spectators at stadia. It lays out clearly the requirements and obligations of legislation,

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Accessible sports facilities – CAD drawings to support design guidance

Sport England Publication date: 2010 Ranking: Useful These CAD drawings offer illustations of how the Sport England accessible sports facilities guidance could be implemented. (See separate posting, “Accessible Sports Facilities“). How to view a copy Follow this link to the

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Designing for the Disabled

Selwyn Goldsmith Designing for the disabled Updated in 1997 as “Designing for the disabled: The new paradigm” Publication date: 1963 Ranking: Useful First authoritative guide on physical design for disabled people covering wide range of issues and subjects from external

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