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Diversity: why it matters to designers

Canon Australia 6 Photographers Find 6 Different Ways To Shoot The Same Man. Publication date: 2015 Ranking: useful As a part of a Canon advertising campaign called “Decoy” six photographers were given different briefs to photograph the same man, entirely

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Does someone need your seat?

Aine Pennello, The Atlantic CityLab. Do you know who needs you subway seat? Publication date: 2017 Ranking: useful Article discusses issues for people with unseen impairments who may need a seat on public transport with reference to the new Transport

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Little boxes

TV2 Denmark What happens when we stop putting people in boxes? Published:  2017 (On YouTube) Ranking: essential   Answer: Watch here   To obtain an alternative format or language  Please write to: TV2 DENMARK A / S Rugaardsvej 25 5100

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